Portableb Blutooth Mick & Speaker


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    Professional tuning button, High pitch / Bass / Volume / Accompany / Reverberation all can be adjusted via this microphone.

    Bluetooth wireless Microphone and speaker 2 in 1, can work independently without extra connection.

    Microphone head has three times noise reduction handle, more efficient to highlight your beautiful voice.

    2600mAh Battery for up to 8 hours of Singing, Enjoy KTV Karaoke effects with the Smartphone APP.

    High compatibility, fit for iOS and Android smartphones, iPad tablet, bluetooth connection.

    Multipurpose: Bluetooth speaker, Karaoke singing, Car Stereo, instrument recording, interviews, podcasting, etc.

    Ideal for all vocal applications from singing to speech and usable as bluetooth speakers.


    Pickup: Capacitive

    Output Power: 3W*2

    Frequency Range: 100Hz – 10KHz

    Maximum SPL: About 115dB 1KHz

    THD: Up to 1%

    Reverb Mode: Echo Sound Reverberation

    Power Supply: Built-in lithium battery

    Battery Capacity: 2600mAh

    Charging Power: DC 5V


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